Email exchanges with Archbishop Chaput on June 12, 2015

Fax sent to Robert Scherrer, Chairman of Physics Department at Vanderbilt University, on June 20, 2015

Email sent to Robert Spitzer, S.J., on August 21, 2015

Email from Archbishop Chaput on June 7, 2016

Email sent to Director of Operations of the Magis Center with a cc to Archbishop Charles Chaput on June 10, 2016
Dear Mike,
I got an email from Bob Kurland confirming that he is still an Academic Fellow of the Magis Center. This is what I posted on his blog on 6/21/15:

I discovered a short while ago that the Magis Center for Faith and Reason, which is run by a Jesuit metaphysics professor, is promoting the irrational argument for God's existence based on the Big Bang and the fine-tuning of physical constants. The Big Bang is evidence that God does not exist because it is evidence that the universe is not intelligible. The Big Bang is, however, a reason to believe in the Bible because the Bible says in many places that God created the universe from nothing and the human authors knew nothing about the expanding universe and cosmic background radiation. I explain this more fully at:

This was Kurland's response:

I was associated with the Magis Center for a while, but I left, because I did not believe that science can "prove" the existence of God.

This is what Kurland said in his email to me:

When I used the term “resign”, it was shorthand for not being actively involved, and I apologize if that led you astray.....We may have a difference in emphasis, but not in fundamental ideas or goals.

This was my response.

I am saying you should withdraw your support of the Magis Center because Fr. Spitzer is promoting irrational arguments for God's existence and the authenticity of the Holy Shroud. He is also not behaving responsibly about the absurd article "Entropy and evolution" published in the American Journal of Physics. It will be great if we can have a discussion about these matters. Do you have any ideas about how we should proceed? My experience is that we will need a moderator.

I think Dr. Kurland is lying. He knows perfectly well that the scientific arguments for God's existence promoted by the Magis Center are nonsense. This makes the Magis Center guilty of lying.
Very truly yours, David Roemer

Email from Director of Operations on June 10, 2016

I refuse to correspond with a person (you) who lies about good people to try to make himself bigger. You are a very small person. Please cease corresponding with me. 

Email sent to Archbishop Chaput with a cc to Robert Spitzer, S.J., on June 11, 2016
Dear Bishop Chaput,
I am forwarding you the response I got from the Magis Center when I accused one of the Academic Fellows of the Magis Center of dishonesty. I am hereby making a second request to meet with you about this matter. I am asking you because I live in New York. Your rejection of my first request is a matter of public record:
Yours, respectfully in Christ, David Roemer

Fax to Robert Spitzer, S.J., sent on September 1, 2016

Email sent to Archbishop Chaput on December 20, 2016, and comment from Bob Kurland