Dear Richard,
You or someone using your name posted a comment to:

I am the plaintiff-appellant in the referred to lawsuit. I'v attached my brief and the request for oral argument, which request was granted. If you get a Public Access to Court Records (PACER) account you can see all of the pleadings (Second Circuit, 17-0818).
Very truly yours, David Roemer

Dear Jerry,
Thanks for posting my links. My article comparing American scientists with Nazis went from 866 views to 1035 views. I'v been sending out this email to get more views:

A biologist from the U. of Chicago has discovered a pending lawsuit about teaching evolution:

This is not the first time you have promoted my essays:

I am a licensed high school science teacher in New York State and have more authority than you to teach evolutionary biology. I learned evolutionary biology by reading biology textbooks, peer-reviewed articles, and scholarly works. A work is not scholarly if it mentions creationism or intelligent design.
Very truly yours, David Roemer