Email sent to Bishop Leonard Blair, Archdiocese of Hartford, on June 29, 2015

Dear Bernadette,
This is a draft of a letter I'm planning to send the Members of the Committee Evangelization and Catechesis if someone does not meet with me so I can explain these matters and listen to their opinions and reactions:
The Magis Center ( has six cardinals and bishops on its board and promotes the intellectual and moral error that recent discoveries in physics should be used to persuade people that God exists. The Magis Center is supporting the nonsense that a “trans-universal (supernatural) power” created the universe because there is no other explanation for its origin 13.7 billion years ago (Big Bang), the “fine-tuning of physical constants,” and the vagaries of quantum mechanics. In my opinion, this is pseudoscience and undermines the reasons to believe in Jesus.

There are two arguments, not proofs, for God’s existence. One is based on the existence of humans and the other on morality. They both can be summarized as follows:
The arguments promoted by the Magis Center and many others, I must admit, is this:

The Magis Center also promotes the theory that the Shroud of Turin is authentic and is helping the American Journal of Physics cover-up a mistake it made in publishing an absurd article about biological evolution and thermodynamics. I’d like an appointment to explain to you why the Catholic Church should withdraw its endorsement of the Magis Center. I have already written about these three issues:

The last link contains an exchange with Robert Kurland who was once affiliated with the Magis Center.

Concerning my slideshow ( about the Shroud of Turin, which the USCCB has tried to suppress, I translated it into six other languages. From May 18 to June 27, there have been 4891 visits to theses websites. In this same time period, there have been 724 visits to the site where I posted my canonical complaint against Cardinal Dolan.

Very truly yours, David Roemer

Letter faxed and emailed to bishops affiliated with the Magis Center and the Committee for Evangelization and Catechesis of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (July 2015)

Dear Bishop Serratelli,
Since I live nearby (my parish is the Church of Notre Dame in Manhattan) and you are on the Committee for Evangelization and Catechesis of the USCCB, I am requesting an appointment to explain to you why the Catholic Church should withdraw its support of the Magis Center ( The Magis Center says that the Shroud of Turin is authentic and that God caused the Big Bang. There is very little evidence that the Holy Shroud is authentic and no evidence at all that God caused the Big Bang. The Magis Center is also playing a negative roll in the culture war in the United States about the teaching of evolutionary biology.

Quentin Lauer, S.J., was my philosophy teacher at Fordham College. One day a student asked a question about faith in Jesus and he shouted at the top of his lungs, “I don’t maintain it. I assert it with every fiber of my being.” This profession of faith was a reason for all of us in the class to believe in Jesus because Fr. Lauer was a paragon of reason. He did not think God caused the Big Bang and did not misrepresent our salvation history.

My writings about science and religion are at Most pertinent are my reviews of the books by Stephen Barr, Robert Spitzer, and Michael Augros under “Science” and “Science Metaphysics, Philosophy, Theology and History, of the Holy Shroud” under “Essays.” I filed a canonical complaint against Cardinal Dolan for suppressing my slideshow/lecture about the Shroud of Turin ( I am also trying to get the American Journal of Physics to retract an absurd article about evolution and thermodynamics (
Very truly yours, David Roemer
cc: Archbishop Charles Chaput, Bishop David Ricken, Cardinal Donald Wuerl, Archbishop Jose Gomes, Bishop Kevin Vann, Bishop Leonard Blair, and Bishop Frank Caggiano