Letter to Pontifical Council for the Promoting the New Evangelization, September 16, 2105
Your Excellency (Archbishop Salvatore Fisichella),
The Magis Center is located in California and has on its board three cardinals and three bishops. On July 22, 2015, I filed a complaint against the Magis Center for using arguments for God’s existence based on science (the Big Bang, fine-tuning) rather than metaphysics (a finite being needs a cause) with the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

After writing that letter, I had an insight into why a Catholic theologian would think the Big Bang is evidence of God’s existence. Richard Dawkins refutes this argument incisively and correctly by saying: What caused God?

I sent emails and faxes and made telephone calls to the theology faculty at Fordham University, St. John’s University, and Georgetown University suggesting that I give a seminar to explain my insight. I also called and sent an email to the Rev. Msgr. Joseph R. Reilly S.T.L, Ph.D., who is the rector/dean of the Immaculate Conception Seminary School of Theology at Seton Hall University. I argued that theologians have a duty to assist the magisterium of the Catholic Church and should listen to what I had to say.

Since no one expressed an interest, I wrote up my ideas and submitted an article to Science, Religion and Culture. The editor is Gregg D. Caruso, who is a professor at Corning Community College in New York. I listed Msgr. Reilly and the chairmen of the theology departments of St. John’s and Fordham as my reviewers of choice.

If you want, I will email or fax the article (“Why People Believe God Caused the Big Bang”) to you. I would prefer to explain it in person where there would be give and take. Communicating with written documents requires intelligent and knowledgeable writing and reading.
Very truly yours, David Roemer
faxed to +39 0669869521