Emailed to Dominic Izzo, O.P., on June 17, 2016
Dear Fr. Izzo,
There are a number of possible reasons why the editors of the Thomist and the Review of Metaphysics refused to publish my article or to use my insights to inspire a more scholarly article written by a professional scholar.

1) The editors are suffering from cognitive dissonance because they believe the Big Bang is evidence of God's existence. This conflicts with the reality that it is not. This causes them emotional and mental stress and inhibits them from understanding my article.

2) Many faithful Catholics do not understand the metaphysical arguments for God's existence, but consider the scientific arguments sound. See: For a Catholic scholar to say Richard Dawkins ( "Who made God?") is right might cause some Catholics to lose their faith.

3) The Magis Center promotes the scientific arguments and has the support of 3 cardinals and 3 bishops. Publishing a truthful article about the arguments for God's existence would create political problems. An editor who is a liberal Christian and does not fear God's wrath would be especially concerned about antagonizing influential Catholics.

4) It is fair and reasonable to describe the scientific establishment in the U.S. as being atheistic. I prove this here:

As I hinted at in my registered letter to registered Cardinal Mueller, the Magis Center and many Catholics feel a need to keep friendly relations with the science establishment, however atheistic it may be.

My understanding is that you can't prove that God exists, but you can prove that the human soul is spiritual. This is not an atheist-friendly position because it is insulting to atheists.

Fr. Robert Spitzer, who runs the Magis Center, says that you can prove God exists, but you cannot prove that the human soul is spiritual. Fr. Spitzer thinks the spirituality of the human soul is only a matter of opinion. Those who do not share this opinion are said to have a "materialist world-view." This is not insulting to atheists. Nor are atheists insulted when you say you can prove God exists because atheists know perfectly well that you can't prove that God exists.
Very truly yours,
David Roemer