Open Letter to Theology Department of Fordham University
I have asked to meet with the Presbyteral Council of the Archdiocese of New York to explain why the Catholic Church should correct the Magis Center, which is run by a Jesuit and has the support of three cardinals and three bishops. The Magis Center uses pseudoscience and misrepresents our salvation history to proselytize. I very recently had an insight into what would cause certain Catholic theologians to behave this way. Knowing that all Catholic theologians have a duty to assist the Magisterium, I am advising you about my request. I graduated from Fordham College in 1964 and got a Ph.D. in physics from New York University in 1971. My metaphysics teacher was Norris Clarke, S.J.

There are links to articles I have written about these matters on one of my websites ("Pseudoscience in the American Journal of Physics") under "Magis Center for Faith and Science." You will also find there my recent letter to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, as well as the handout I would use at such a presentation. My correspondence with the Holy Father about these matters is at another website ("Complaint Against Cardinal Dolan").

About three years ago, I communicated a criticism of Stephen Barr, who is a prominent physicist and advisor to the Magis Center, to two Jesuits in this department. My complaint against Dr. Barr concerns evolution and thermodynamics. Understandably, the two theologians did not feel qualified to get involved in such a matter, but they were wrong. Any layman can see why an article published by the American Journal of Physics titled “Entropy and evolution” is absurd. This is one of the things I want to explain the Presbyteral Council.
Very truly yours, David Roemer

Letter to President of St. John's University, September 29, 2015
Dear Mr. Gempesaw,
On July 22, 2015, I sent a letter to the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith criticizing a Catholic organization run by a Jesuit for helping the American Journal of Physics disseminate anti-religion propaganda about evolutionary biology, misrepresenting our salvation history by touting the authenticity of the Shroud of Turin, and for disseminating irrational arguments for God’s existence. I have not received a response yet. I am interpreting this to mean the Catholic Church wants me to educate its theologians in the United States about these matters. My correspondence with the Catholic Church is at these websites:

In addition, I recently submitted articles (“An Analogy Between Nazi Germany and the United States,” “Science, Metaphysics, Philosophy, History, and Theology of the Shroud of Turin,” and “Why People Believe God Caused the Big Bang”) to Perspectives on History (Shatha Almutawa), The Historian (Kees Boterbloem), and Journal of the American Academy of Religion (Amir Hussain), respectively.

I have contacted through emails, telephone calls, and letters mailed with a certificate of mailing 27 theologians at St. John’s University with an offer to give a seminar about these matters. My offer has been refused. I think you will be doing the Catholic Church a service if you make sure this decision is not the result of improper considerations and fear of unlawful reprisals from individuals in a position of authority.

Very truly yours, David Roemer
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